Pat on the back – for MOI

Yippee, Oh geez, gosh! 😀   yahoo,  I have now 25 followers on my primary site .  Yes the good old original one that got me into this beautiful beautiful writing world.
and another, i think, dozen scattered across this site,
 In just 2 short months and all those hits.  I really do appreciate all of this.  
 now if only i could work out how to put a popping bottle of champagne and confetti onto these sites…  
Better go to the commons and ask around. Certain to be some great person out there who can help. 
Onwards and Upwards .        THANK YOU ALL OF YOU

2 thoughts on “Pat on the back – for MOI

  1. Kentucky Angel

    Now you have 26, probably more than that by now, cause I didn’t look at the date of this post, but I like your sense of humor.



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