Vale – Phillip Hughes a young man too soon.

Valencia Princess is Living Outside The Hexagon.

Today, in a small country town – Macksville on the Mid coast of New South Wales a funeral is currently being held.

The town has closed, and has technically been closed since last Thursday.

When this young man passed away.  It is 87f with high humidity.  Bright blue sky. Even the surf is flat.

Yet no one is going no where else.

All the community has gathered at the local Macksville high school basketball stadium.

Our Prime Minister, the NSW Premier, the Australian cricket team and the Indian National side, his teammates from South Australia and New South Wales; with their partners have all been sitting for more than 30 minutes, fanning themselves , waiting for the service to begin. Along with thousands of other people here and worldwide.

Phillip Hughes was a member of the Australian Cricket Team.

Last Tuesday, at the Sydney Cricket Ground he was playing for…

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