Scholars Find Evidence Of A Fourth Wise Man Bearing Fruitcake

this is so hilarious… I mean why do we poke fun at fruitcake and yet a lot of people do eat them.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

3 WiseBiblical scholars have made an exciting discovery just in time for the Christmas Season, Modern Philosophers.

According to The Vatican, the painstaking translation of recently unearthed ancients scrolls has revealed that there was a fourth Wise Man who set out to meet Baby Jesus on that First Christmas.

For nearly two thousand years, The Bible has told us that Three Wise Men visited the manger after following a star across the desert.  We learned that this Intelligent Trio brought the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

“Isn’t this so exciting, Austin?” Pope Francis shouted at this Modern Philosopher via Skype.  “After all these years, The Bible is finally going to get some fresh material.  The Church is thrilled at the discovery of the fourth Wise Man.”

So what happened to this fourth visitor?  How come he didn’t make it to the manger?  Has my creche been incorrect for all these…

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5 thoughts on “Scholars Find Evidence Of A Fourth Wise Man Bearing Fruitcake

    1. Louise Post author

      hey mark if you soak the fruit up to 6 months it should be very moist and yum.. I saw your doppelganger on a show called “american Chainsaw” today.


      1. markbialczak

        Ah, my evil twin is out chopping stuff up on TV again, is he? I hope it wasn’t people, Louise. 😉 Another doppelganger for me. I may have to investigate this one. It used to be actor Richard Karn.


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