GOSH – is it sunday again???


Yes dear readers it is Sunday Again and once again I forgot 3 great things for the week which should have been posted on thursday.

Honestly I am very unsure what I did this past week. I know I mourned ( and got angry and bitter and wanted revenge) for  the loss of a friendship,

and had a bad bout of Black dog, and ate a litre of choc chip ice cream and waxed my legs . Ouch! ouch !!ouch.!!!!!

So I am Grateful For:

  • ROMP : otherwise known as Austin who writes the funniest blogs. This month they are all about Christmas.
  • Nick, Wendy and Mary at the training organisation because they are teaching me to be a teacher.
  • The stranger who patted me on the shoulder, outside the doctors, when I had received some slightly disturbing not so good news.
  • I know there is only supposed to be 3 but I really do have to be grateful that I live in Australia. I may not have a home, furniture thats mine, nor a job or real money BUT there are so many people doing it tougher than me.

FOR after all I am a Capricorn; born at the end of the Dragon Year beginning of the Snake year and have Number ( as my protector). I am unique. I am strong. I am that person you all love because I know…..

Thank You

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