In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Object of My Dejection.”

My current object of dejection is the 3 other novels that I have outlines for and character link ins to each other but no real story to tell.

The ideas are there BUt I have WRITERS BLOCK and seem to be a bit unmotivated to complete them.

My first novel which set the tone for these other 3 is currently sleeping under other ones at A well known publishing house.

Draft number 5 is buried with my father; as he encouraged me and liked the story.

This is after 6 drafts and re writes.    “they love the premise But are unsure if I may have missed that boats genre for the public…”

3 thoughts on “Writers’ block please unblock

    1. Louise Post author

      thanks for that but i still need it to be edited. When I get lotsa $$ & a passport i am so going to take you, your lovely wife and austin out to dinner. your blogs are inspiring



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