The Not so (silly) bucket list

Ok this list

:- is all about the things, people, places, and philosophies in this minute world we have.   I kinda hope, I never ( highly unlike Louise) would just go away .
  1. And at the top of this list   of course :  THE KARDASHIANS.  OMG you are all so phony, i never ever bought into all of your hoopla from day    Jealous??? NOT  PLease Please Please just shrivel up and disappear.
  2. Reality Shows  – where nobody seems to wear basic clothes (except Survivor.  Although after 11 seasons some extra clothes on all of you would be nice.)   I am talking about those cooking shows especially.  Where are your sleeves? Hair nets and food gloves. URGH!! I really am not there to look at your hairy pits or tattoos or long hair waving around all that food.  AND I am ,also, talking about the Bachelor type shows.  Come On  – Do any of us women really swan around in off the shoulder dresses? high heels and all that ridiculous makeup?? A girl can look incredibly sexy in basic t shirt shorts and sandals; you know.
  3. SCREAMING TYPE LAUGHTER.  Yeah you know all those ones in the audiences of Oprah, Ellen, etc .. Its irritating.. Ok I am happy you just won something BUT really does it have to sound like you are being caught somewhere between orgasm and being terrified by a vampire???hmmmm
  4. RIDICULOUS HOLIDAY GIVEAWAYS.  Why are they always somewhere overseas that once you get there it costs a matzah just for a beer???  And they never really include the fun stuff; ya’ hands in ya’ own pocket for that massage, crab dinner or heliflight.   What is wrong with some of the fantastic resorts and adventure type destinations we have on our own back door step.  For Example: The Daintree, Cradle Mtn, Lake Argyle, The Great Ocean Road, Kangaroo Valley , The Barossa. I would love to participate in these competitions but they are always to Bali, Fiji or Thailand.     This includes all of you in the USA.. Why cannot you just go to , ohh I do not know but maybe Colorado, Vermont, Maine or even Canada or New Orleans instead of Hawaii, The Bahamas, etc.
  5. CELEBRITY DIETS.   really are we all that stupid that we need some overpaid celebrity to tell us how to eat?
  6. THE PERSON/S WHO DESIGN WOMENS CLOTHES.      YES You do you ever look outside that window??? Have you actually been in the real world.   And DO YOU OWN A TAPE MEASURE?   Seriously You need to GET REAL because I am not a size 16, as you would like me to believe. ( disclaimer: that was the size shirt i recently got from TARGET; i used to be a 10 – 12)
  7. THE MANNEQUIN That YOU USE.  Adding onto the above Please toss this out and get a real model of a real woman to make your clothes on.  Not too many of us are 4ft 10″ bust 18″, hips 29″ and waist so tiny you cannot define it.
  8. SHIRT POCKETS.  yes them, especially on womens shirts . Who is the chump that thinks we need pockets on our shirts???? Get rid of that idea.
  9. THE BIG ONE  TERRORISM.  Like every one I am worn down by all of the treason, tit for tat, religious or otherwise reasons behind this.  Ok I do know there is an economic theory that states ‘that war is good for the economy’ BUT could we all just not have respite from the daily grind of this in our news???
  10. another controversial One: POLITICIANS, CEO’s etc Humongous Salaries.  Really! what do you need all that money for???? Could you not be like Bill Gates and give back to all of us who need some extra funding???? How do you spend it??? I mean you can only have so many cars, boats, holiday houses, staff, dinner parties, jewellery and posh food.  Do you not get bored with all that cash?

Are there other things you would like to add? Please do. maybe I am right Maybe I am wrong?

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