He”s here….Its christmas in Australia

Valencia Princess is Living Outside The Hexagon.

Mistletoe 1  HUGE KISSES everyone because….


the bells are ringing at the catholic church. All the dogs are barking, and not the ‘get away from my house’ bark BUT the “HEY guys pass it on Santa Claus has just been to my place’ bark.

I can hear people yelling ‘Merry Christmas” and the moon has that extra sparkle.

OMG the stars are really bright, lotsa pep in them.   I am sure i just saw him flashing across the sky.

LOVE YOU SANTA .  I Love You   LOVE ALL YOUR WORK.Clapping Hands

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2 thoughts on “He”s here….Its christmas in Australia

  1. Louise Post author

    is he there yet??? it is a cool bright blue sky and 27 C with a light sw breeze. I hope you and your family are “just chillin’ “. happy christmas



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