The No So ( Silly and Stupid when I think about it) Bucket List 2

OK at it again.  I have lotsa thoughts about what to put in this list BUT:

 there are so many of them I am not sure where to begin.  Rubbish is the main theme. 

Except to say   PLEASE ,PLEASE   somebody ‘move on’ the kardashians. 

How are they news.????  Every time including today, with every other, more, serious things going on in the world there they are  –  this time their ‘christmas card’ sheesh please go away…

So the LIST: 

  1. Those people, who think, IT IS OK to ignore Fire warnings and still have campfires on those days. and ignore the fires when they leave their campsites. Campfire 2
  2. The same people who use the bush but do not take their rubbish with them.
  3. Or the people who think the patch of ground , just off the main road, down that dirt road is a great place to dump their rubbish..   Ok the councils make it hard for all of us BUT there are places called Rubbish / Refuse tips.
  4. The Councils and Law makers…. Ok we all know, none of us are totally dumb, that YOU LOVE to make a dollar or 2 but if you really wants us to “DO THE RIGHT THING” then make your tips/refuse dumps more user friendly.  Upgrade the Roundagain facility encourage us to take our rubbish there and better yet re introduce Hard Rubbish Days.
  5. Rubbish tv…..omg at christmas time is there not a lot of ‘rubbish tv”   Really do we want to watch Re runs of ‘Naked Gun, National Lampoons vacation, Police Academy, Rush Hour ‘ style movies over and over and over again.  OR “Dating Naked, Snog Marry Avoid, Every fishing show imaginable, The East Enders,Clueless, Old The Bachelor/ette seasons.” On the flip side there are repeats of shows that I never got to watch in full but Do I really need to have ALL those Reality shows repeated ad nauseum?
  6. New Years Resolutions…Really!!!! WHY bother talking nonsense about dieting, giving up smoking, drinking, chocolate when you either will not last even a day or better yet replace it with some other OCD.   We are all programmed to have some type of vice. So give up trying to break it and just live with it or modify all your other behaviours.
  7. Starbucks style coffee….You know the type/s I am TALKING ABOUT….The Grande half caf, half decaf, frappe, mocha with no cream but a hint of cinnamon not chocolate. Only 2/3 rds full with a shot of hot not tepid cold water on top type of coffee.   WHO are you posturing for??? Just have a ‘bloody’ double shot espresso with a dash of cold milk type coffee.  Or better yet a ‘NORMAL latte’ and stop holding up the queue.
  8. HAND BAGS.  what is the real point of theses things? ( i am not an owner of more than 2 of them)  Why do I  in this day and age of EFT cards do I need to look like I do want to carry the kitchen sink          Sink     around?  They are definitely a security blanket for a lot of you out there. Baby Girl with Blanket 3
  9. Ownership of Cars.. Why, if there is only one person (or a couple in a house) do you need more than one vehicle person?????     My nephew and girlfriend currently have 5 cars at their house.  And SHE drives him to work each day.. HUH!!!! Why do any of us need a car for every other  day of the week. 
  10. BIOFUEL…..WHY do lawmakers and certain parts of our greater world push for this to be in every vehicle when the car manufacturers will not even bite the bullet and manufacturer said cars/ trucks /SUVs’ etc with the requisite fuel tank and engine specifications.  It is cleaner, greener and better for the worlds pollution problem BUT what choice do I really have when I cannot buy either the vehicle or the fuel????

So thats it for today.

           Alooooha!                   send me a comment or email if you can think of more.

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