Resolutions 2015 – Eat Pray Love

icon_sign-gen-CapricornSo like many others I wavered between making New Years Resolutions 2 nights ago. But then I relented and decided I would stay with cynical me.

Ok I am working on that as well.

Thus I found this image of Capricorn.  It blends the ‘traditional’ Mountain Goat with the mythical Sea goat mermaid. And that sums, us Capricorns up beautifully.

Now after some thought I have pulled out the journal and lo and behold      Holy Moly      there is ‘a list of things to do this year.’  So I have made ‘resolutions’ after all.

Like majority of us I most likely will not keep them, and Like most people, I will change my mind hundreds of times over the next 365 days.

One thing I had already started on in 2014 was my diet.

It has been an evolving thing for the past 18 months.


I, once was a shift worker and ‘stress head’.   (Ok siblings I might still be that but not as intense as the past )     Belly Laugh         

AND I had a shocking diet.  Far TOO MUCH sugary stuff, chocolate, coffee and heavy pastry items like cakes, pies, biscuits etc etc.Eating PizzaCoffee Drinker

Even if I used to walk 3-6 kms’ per day, with dog in tow and just chilled and knew how to be still.  I still managed to give myself HIGH cholesterol.    And we all know where that leads.   I was not overweight. I was in ‘my NORMAL’ height / weight/age/BMI etc range.

Then I had  swapped my job from Conference and events operations manager to primary carer of our mother; who has brain cancer.  

It began to accelerate my depression, my shingles returned – in a more vicious variety, I had a cough, a type of scabies, and ate far too  much of food she liked.   Lots of meat and potatoes and no real variety.  Morning tea, afternoon tea, supper, etc etc.

So that was it.  Every GP I saw wanted to fill me up with antibiotics and all sorts of pills and potions  .Say Ah

I hardly ever took aspirin for a headache so I questioned what was all that stuff going to ‘really’ do to me???

Everytime I mention Alternative Therapies OMG            Falling Off Chair Laughing  was their reaction.

Just over a year ago I decide to hit the internet, and my research lead me back to where I used to be.  Food wise.

Slowy I have cut a lot of sugar from my diet, salt, fat ( the bad stuff) and meat protein.  It is all about moderation and slowly, slowly, slowly.

Yes  – the Slow Food Movement does have the right stuff, as do the Vegetarian idealists, the Raw Food lovers and Asians.

I am back eating veggies, some fruit ( no acidic stuff including my love of grapefruit), nuts, flax seeds, chia, multi grains, black rice, wild rice, all things Indian Vegetarian, Asian like kimchi , broths and that excellent staple- Everything in the pot chicken soup.

The immunologist and neurologist, who are treating my shingles and skin sores are showing some interest in what this slow change of diet is doing to me.

So I am continuing with this resolution….. Eat to be well and then hopefully  My love of self and the rest will fall into place.  I already have pray in my life  as I have always believed in spiritual matters.

So maybe that book and movie has a purpose after all.

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