Fitzy and Wippa’s Nickelback ‘Photograph’ PARODY

If razorbackwritereaus keeps this up I may have to create anothere blog just to re post all these funny parodies too… come on now sing along….


Fitzy & Wippa are back with a new parody. The death of the signature for credit card purchases was hard on everybody so the boys have expressed their heartbreak Nickelback style.

This is my autograph
I always use it when I’m buying stuff
When my mate is sleeping on his bed
Ill leave my signature on his head

And this is my office mug
And I’ve signed it so you know wassssup
My boss has nearly given me the flick
I sent him a signed copy of my Richard Wilkins

And this is where I went to school
I signed “I woz ere” under this stool
This is my teacher Mr. Stefanack
He used to sign my name on my back

And this is my first license
I show my signature with every offence
When I’m in jail I give Dad a shout
He has to sign just to bail…

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