Off the top of me head -thoughts

Ok i am a bit under enthused and un motivated but hey we all have ‘bad hair days’…..Hairy

But after watching, far too much tv, over the last 3-4 days i got these to ponder; for all of you.

  1. FLASHDANCE.  yes that movie, just kinda watched it. OMG it really was all about the sex, NO hmmm!!!  Anyway it must be, like all the movies of that era, MUST BE DUE for a …….REMAKE Holy Moly   I can see it now ..It would star Kim Kardashian; well she does like taking her clothes off, and there was lotsa butt shots in the movie.  Nancy Kerrigan could do the ice skating bit  And the pimp would be anyone of those guys who star in those stupid stupid movies like the hangover , dumb and dumber etc etc. WHO WOULD YOU NOMINATE ?   Of course the music would be by her narsicisstic husband KANYE……All the cars would be electric and the steel mill would now be a prisonyard.
  2. Rhianna.. Can someone please send her to Target and get her an outfit from WOMENS ;not childrens.  The right attire may stop her from having her breasts, or whateever, fall out all the time on red carpets.    GET some Classs young girl  -I say.
  3. Weigth Loss commercials...   Currently here in AUST. we are being bombarded by an ad for Rapid Loss.. Get real girls( in ad) your breasts ain’t yours and that bikini??? —- why does it have to be white or black????   there is g8 swimmers out there where I do not have to have your ribs, skinny hips and fake boobies shoved in my face everytime.  And are proper sexy on ‘real women’..Hula Girl

The there is JC ads… The one where the ‘poor lass’ was the ‘huge 1’ in a group phot.  I reckon you need some new friends if that is how you want tobe seen and validated.   Where are the guys????? hmmm they just don’t care.

4.   Ok now onto more serious stuff….. Hot Chocolate    I am all for the administrator who buys Ernest HIllier chocolates.  Just keep the recipes the way they are and yes we will all still eat you.  Ohhh yeah and keep the jobs in Australia please.  I promise to keep up my quota…


5.   Looking forward to watching the movie ‘SELMA” made by Oprah Winfrey and CO.  I do believe it will be a major hit, more for the fact that in the world today we do need to remember Dr Martin Luther King and what it all stands for.  Whilst we are searching for answers to all the ‘terible stuff’ that has happened in the past month, as humans we neeed to be reminded that 50 years ago the need for peace and harmony began.

So thats it for now… Gotta gosee what all the rest of you are up to. Cheers.

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