Sideways thoughts.

Here is a follow up to last nights post.

As most of our rational ( and irrational) thoughts are cognitively being processed in the side lobal areas I might as well utilise the brain power. Duh

Yes one too many lollies today.   Ok i am thinking outside the box AGAIN.

1. ANGE and JEN.……who really cares that they arrived’only moments apart’ for the Golden Globes.??? sheesh it was an awards ceremony with a highly regimented arrival scheme going on. Of course they would be “moments apart”.    This cow has been milked paparazzo / Extra/ TMZBeen There Done That

How many times can you and the magazines try to wring some sort of fight outta of this topic.. When categorically they have both stated ( numerous times) they are over it.     PLEEZZZEEE move on…nothing to see anymore

2. NASCAR     next fantasy story… Me thinks Kyle Busch has been sniffing far too many ethanol fumes ….What is going on there???? does he need a new sponsor or publicity? or what is his EX girlfriend really a BLACK OPS chick or is it just some sort of “Fifty shades of Grey” got outta hand?

3. Mrs Clooney.…oi!! what was going on with that wardrobe of yours??? White gloves? hmm!!! with all that combined income you would think – you, of all people would know how to dress classy……..maybe you and LADY  GAGA got your  handbags mixed up.  or did you have common people disease like ohh!! i do not know but maybe ‘dishwasher wrinkly hands’ or did your manicure get smudged?

4. Return of the Modern Philosopher – AKA ROMP ( Austin)…. has he been kidnapped??? by the Black OPS people, or the Devil, or Fred Claus??? because lately every time i read his site there is romance, poems of romantic nature        Love Song      Blings   Love You

and just not his stuff..  Has there been a DAVE put in his place? if so, then where is Doc Brown and Marty?   What role have they played in all of this?  ROMP did you find the time continuum over the New Year and experimented with it?

HELP ANYONE….bring Austin back.

If you find Austin please re direct him to The House On The Hill in Bangor Maine.  toot sweet…

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