Only in Australia can………

Valencia Princess is Living Outside The Hexagon.

AustraliaWoo Hooo  !!! it is 5, Yes Five more days until our Birthday.

Only In Australia can we:

  • CELEBRATE, and I mean celebrate a National Public holiday over 3-4 days; or even make it 5 if you use some leave or just chuck ‘a sickie’.
  • Be a proficient sports mad nut and still be loved by all our family; regardless of allegiances.
  • Be the best country to come and live in.
  • Have the most unique collection animals ever.   From the Ice Age era of Dolphins with razor teeth, Wombats that could swim, Dipridons, huge anaconda like eels and Crocodiles that still are alive and hungry today.   To our unique Tassie Devil, Great White Shark, Whale Sharks, Kookaburras, emus and platypus  that still survive today.
  • Only in Australia can we blow the equivalent of the nations debt in fireworks, for any occasion BUT bitch about the price of…

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