You dirty Rotten Thieves

Just a quick thought/ rant/ criticsm or two on Thieveing.

Yes you…You Dirty Rotten thief…..

That person / s who download and pirate movies.

I am disgusted to learn that a really great bunch of girls and guys ( who I have had the pleasure of meeting)  who put there time, effort and lives on hold to make a movie for all of us to enjoy.

The fantastic movie made by Ausssies – Pirates V Zombies is being pirated left, right and centre.  These brilliant filmakers and their sidekicks are just your every day guy and girl following a dream and YOU – the thief are denying them of the film rights money.

Much needed money so they, too, can pay their bills, eat, live, rent, pay off their home loans, send their kids to school, etc etc.

Think its funny.. wellI!!!!! HMMMM.

lots of others do not.     Nothing is for free buddy…so if you want to watch it and see more from these talented movie makers  BUY THE MOVIE – Honestly its really not that much to buy.

Scum.   Spend your money and let these guys and girls live a basic lifestyle, meet their bills and obligations like THE REST OF US.   And let them create another great movie.

Enough said.


2 thoughts on “You dirty Rotten Thieves

  1. markbialczak

    Well put, Louise. But thieves are dirty scoundrels to the soul, and they don’t care who they are hurting. What we need are police to lock them up and issue a stiff fine and turn that over to your fine filmmaking friends!


    1. Louise Post author

      I saw an interview with the filmakers and they were being ‘quite polite aboutit’ but you could tell they wanted to strip all the pirates bare and tie them down, john wayne style, onto a pile of fireants…and see how funny they felt then. they are going to make another movie but it effects everyone.



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