AND its August Folks; sigh already

Hey Hey Hey

I have returned to the wonderful world of word press.

OMG OMG have you not all been busy creating fantastic reads.

After my laptop died. (SOB)

I took a hiatus and what, I thought would only be 8 weeks tops,  Has turned into nearly 6 months.

So, after – stupidly listening to those who do not create – I have decided that there really is nothing wrong, whatsoever, in blogging.

Yippee!! I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with writing… ( yes you MR G> aka Mr not so right)

I have moved house, had a couple health issues, a bit of Black Dog, chased employment, etc.etc.etc.

I have done a lot of day trips – to soothe the soul. but always have checked in with all of you along the way.

So I am back to blogging.

Love the fact there is an election coming up in the USA.   Cannot wait to see what Austin really has to say on that.

Mark – i went and saw the exhibition we have here on David Bowie.  Reckon you would have loved it.

Eddie Two Hawks – thank you for your ongoing inspiration in all of our lives.

Good to know Silver Threadings is OK and thank god for those Mojito muffins.  yummmeeee.

I will post about my travels within Australia, keep the political stuff to the minimum and generally begin to comment on all of your sites again.

I have missed you GALS and GUYs.

why i thought this was stupid i had no idea.  Sorry for doubting all of you and your brilliant creativity.



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