Life and Love


I have just been reading my friend Austins'( AKA The Modern Philosopher) musings on relationships.

In it he asked “Are we running away from our pasts towards our futures?  in regards to past loves.

We are consistently told by friends, family, work mates, magazines, social media outlets etc etc that after the demise of relationship “we should just MOVE ON”.

Seriously??? How does one do that?

I was in three serious long term relationships and each time it was heart breaking painful and like Austin I, too, am struggling to reconcile my last one.

Take for example, my friend Adam.  His wife passed away at the beginning of this year, he is 39 with a 7 yr old son, yet already there are certain people in the community he lives in already trying to ‘FIX‘him up with some nice lady.   Geez really!! Maybe he  does want anyone else.  Like me maybe he just needs room to breath.

OK some people do seem to ‘move on’quite quickly after a breakdown of their relationships BUT I often wonder do they really process the reason behind the failure?

Then there is those of us looking for the next REAL LOVE BUT a little afraid of the heart ache all over again.

Austin reckons, just like Doc Brown in the Back to the Future movies; we all need to slow down a bit and remember that the future cannot be predicted nor can the past be change; no matter how much “what ifs”we wish for.

The only thing for sure is the 20/20 hindsight past relationships give us,into some of our mistakes, desires, wants and needs (at the time).

The picture of the gift boxes:- well that is what love, life and expectations are. A mixed bag or as Forrest Gump stated :”Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what your going to get”.


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