Confession Time

OK i have not written the last two blogs.

And I am not sorry one bit.  Its just like Young and Twenty I, too, am depressed.  Yes I am Bipolar 2 and have been all my life. I can even recall times in prep grade of a major manic cycle.

The author of these posts just seems to get all of us. and I want to acknowledge their writings to more people; that is if you have not read their blogs. YET.

I admire anyone “Who can just get on with it” and not acknowledge they have not ever been depressed, or felt like us”….OMG ( thinking out aloud) –  who is that one lonely person???  come join the rest of this flock…(my basic attempt at humor).

Anyway have a read of these blogs and the authors other writings. make your own decisions. Go forth boldly into your own world; knowing you may not be that alone.


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