WOW – What a week!!

I mean seriously.  wow oh wow what a week it has been in the world. I feel exhausted from the news alone . Never mind the weather or any of that family stuff.

At the beginning of it we were celebrating Christmas in all its shapes and forms.

The weather was topsy turvy in many parts of the world. Really snow in the Sahara Desert; how spectacular was that??

Then the emerging new moon bought with it sadness.

In a minor way the Queen missed her traditional Christmas Church service, all because of a nasty head cold, and social media began to nose dive in to a lot of ‘what if’s’about her REAL state of health. There was even an article written in some business newspaper that highlighted what would happen if she died.    PLEASE no way not yet on that count.

Then we were diverted to the death of George Michael.  Now that was a shock. Such a brilliant musician, singer, song writer, showman.  I saw one of his concerts in Melbourne and WOW it was pure genius. It is high in my memory bank; of great memories.

But before we knew it there was the passing of Carrie Fisher ( Princess Leia). My friend Austin writes a very poignant goodbye to her on his blog – The Return of the Modern Philosopher. Check it out.

IN the short space of 24 hours her mother , the ever charismatic Debbie Reynolds passed away from a stroke ( broken heart). And who says there is no such thing???

In the meanwhile in the nasty nasty world of politics we saw and heard the departing president and secretary of state in the USA give  very sarcastic and quite meaningful dissenting voices to the incoming president, Israel, China and anyone else who may be taking there ball and leaving too.

Perpetual Loyal won the prestigious yacht race called the Sydney to Hobart. Its a race for those who have lotsa monopoly money to spare.  LOL.

We had a massively HUGE Drug bust worthy of the TV shows about the MEXICAN border.  But it was frighteningly real and boy does not a Tonne of cocaine etc look pretty amazing.

We, also, had a terrifying and reality check in the guise of terrorism raids across Melbourne and Sydney.  Yes it is now on our doorsteps too.

Along with all the mindless vandalism, car jacking, and just plain hoon behaviors.  It amazing any of us want to go out on Sunday night and ring in another year.  BUT we are because none of us normal Aussies are going to lay down just because of the “bad apples”out there.

 Oh yeah hows the weather been?   Well yesterday we hit 38 C with a mild 27C over night and high humidity with a quick menacing thunder storm this afternoon, its now 23C.

My head is full of things to blog about and i am eating lemon slice…which i made and no has discovered in the fridge yet.

So HAppy New Year and may we all stay safe.


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