Its New Years Eve

So it’s finally here.

New Years eve for 2016.

It still feels the same as most other years ( well recent ones’). Even more so now I no longer work in the hospitality industry.

Yet it still feels a little depressing; instead of feeding and watering the masses or the corporate people who suddenly thought they were WAY too more VIP on this night than any other night.  I am on my own watching tv. eating popcorn and chocolate, had a bubble bath and totally relaxed.

I read my friends’Austins blog earlier.  Did any of us kick ass this past year???

It seems he did.

Me, well I am still thinking about that one.

Anyway I am watching ‘New Years Eve’.  It is my perennial favorite on this night. OK it’s one of those movies stacked with lotsa celebrities. But like Love Actually it is great to watch and still has plenty of messages about forgiveness, family, friends and love.

So to my friends Robin ( may you get to see your beautiful girls sooon), Trev ( Lightning) may you be really really really safe – in that dangerous job of yours (he is on assignment with our Federal police as part of a drug enforcement task force.), Mark, Glen and Bluey (who are all police men (and their families) I do hope you do not have to knock on anyones door tonight or anytime soon).

Adam and Angus – your lives become a little less sadder, Long time friend Greg and his wife – enjoy your new grandchildren; your son James is watching over them.

Just as my parents and other dearly departed are checking in with us.

And whats left of my family may we all stay healthy and safe.

And all of you elsewhere HAPPY NEW YEAR .

Remember there is always HOPE.



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