So where am I in 5 years

Yesterday I blogged about a book given to me 5 years ago. Called precisely that “Where will you be in 5 years from today?”.

After some thought I did realise I had made some headway on into my ‘next 5 years’even if REAL LIFE was getting in the way.

According to the book: “The purpose is to stir your creative juices and to inspire you to really get in touch with your dreams.  The goal is not to provide a list of “should”be done with the next 5 years- but to stir up some possibilities of what “could“be done.”

So in those intervening 5 years whilst I was doing ‘what should be done‘; I did begin to achieve some long held ‘what could be done‘dreams.  Those being my further education in a form of a Accreditation in Workplace Training and Education, renewal of baking, blogging and knitting.  The knitting bought me in contact with people who acted as mentors and helped my self esteem at a time when i had lost most of it.  I lost count of how many baby bootees, rugs, jackets and socks I knitted for charities.  Along the way I met people who helped me learn more complicated patterns and designs.  Also meeting a terrific couple who grew alpacas; of whose wool i have turned into a scarf and jumper for my sister.

I, also, joined a writing network and began crafting my writing skills by entering competitions.  I even managed to knock out a novel of 98,000 words had it appraised and roughed up 4 follow up books…Yet to be written. My dad read the novels many editions, helped with the grammar and suggested some changes, whilst the network professionals guided me through the shall we say ‘the politics’of being published.  Of course i got knocked back 6 times by 4 main publishing houses; so i have decided to put it on a backish burner for the time being.

The only thing I am struggling with is an exercise in the book:

YOUR TOP VALUES IN LIFE. with the following questions:

  1. What are the 3 things I like most and least about myself?
  2. Who is the happiest person I know?
  3. Who are the two people I like and respect the most and why?
  4. Who am I?

And MY TOP 5 VALUES ARE: identifying the top 5 lifetime values which are a shortcut to identifying my top goals in life.

So there it is. Have I achieved anything since I got this book? some but maybe not enough to call definite.

The only comfort I have is that I think I am not alone in pondering these questions.

Am I right? or Am I confused by the whole notion I need to re evaluate or re position my life now 5 years have passed?



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