By jove! it was by a nose

Yes dear readers it is Australia Day in 4 hours.

And I am damn damn proud to be one.

I have just finished watching our Australia Day awards from the ever so beautiful Great Hall in our Parliament House; in Canberra.

Our main recipient and winner was :

Emeritus Professor Alan Mackay- Sim

from Queensland.  He was a very worthy recipient because he has discovered that the olfactory cells in our noses can be replicated and implanted into patients with spinal cord injuries and damage. Allowing for the spinal cord cells to regrow and regenerate to help repair the said damage; allowing people to regain movement, feeling, and use of their lower bodies.

How fantastic is this discovery???

I personally know of a 36 year old , who had a high speed motorcycle accident and is now confined to a wheelchair.   It would be great to see him and many more regain some more use of their bodies.

Of course we had three other categories tonight: they were

Senior Australian of the year –  Sister Anne Gardiner Am for her long history of work with our Tiwi Island people

Young Australian of the yearPaul Vaseliff for his work in the fashion industry.

and Our Local Hero award went to Vickie Jellie for her tireless community work in raising $5 million YES $FIVE Million for a dedicated cancer treatment centre that was built in the south west regional town of Warrnambool in my home state of Victoria.

So yes i am a very proud Australian and if i could channel OPRAH, from her visit here some years ago.    I LOOOVVVEEE AUSTRALIA.


Happy Birthday to all 24.4 million of us.


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