Damn Its Valentines Day – real soon.

Eikk!! or is it EEK!! it is already February 6- Superbowl Day in the USA.

I have cheated a little in the last couple of posts because not only did I like the other stuff BUT I am going through some sort of emotional roller coaster.  Not personal but with everything that seems to be happening in the wider bigger badder world.

I am trying not to let any of it affect me. BUT How does one do that???

When Every where we turn President Trump is upsetting someone/thing, the war in Syria just won’t stop, our refugee crisis is still not under control, the weather is bloody hot one day and cool the next.( Thank God I did not waste $100 on a new swim suit; hardly had the hot weather to justify swimming in it.),

and more, kinda, locally we have Our justice system just out of control.

Our two main juvenile jails have had riots, break outs, damage and some how these  “kids cannot be just given a good hard kick up the backside or clip under the ear. Why ?? because we may “- i cannot really remember but its something about deprivation , liberties etc…

 I DO NOT CARE whether they are locked in solitary confinement for 12+ hours a day or they do not get to watch television or eat their favorite foods.

How is it that they get a lawyer ?? when those of us who really do need one and cannot afford it are left on a VERY LONG WAITING list.

I only care about all the people who have been car jacked, had knives, machetes and guns pulled on them or their homes broken into, trashed, personal belongings like war medals and sentimental things stolen.  Cars driven off and used in other crimes or crashed , burnt or worse still involved in bad accidents.

So I am having a roller coaster week like many of you are. and it is Valentines Day next week. Sheesh!!! time to put the “I am so happy with life smile”on my face and tell everyone who asks- Yes I love Valentines Day; even if I am single and am getting a laugh out of a TV show called Married at First Sight.

If you want some humor about this check out my friend Austins blog about on Return of the Modern Philosopher.  He seems to be able to always get what the rest of us are thinking and inputs a humorous twist to it. 

So I will try to find something more cheery for the next post.

Now wheres’the remote??? got more laughable TV to watch in the guise of I’m a Celebrity get me out of here.



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