tremble within…

via Daily Prompt: Tremble

With shakey hands, fumbling fingers, and slightly sweaty palms. I slowly looked at the very crisp white envelope from my mailbox.  A slight tremble had coursed through my body; as I withdrew it from the box, ten minutes ago.

It was very official looking and even stated it was; for there was a  government return address in top left hand corner.

Mm-mm I wonder should I just rip it open or leave it. Bound to be BAD NEWS...

So with deep breathe and a tremble rippling through my body I teased the envelope open.

Slowly I withdrew the heavy crispy white letter out. Unfolded it and began trembling again….with laughter and out loud.

I had, finally received a sizable tax refund cheque with an apology letter for the 4 year delay.



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