Random Thoughts -part 2


In an earlier post I rambled on , in written form of some of my thoughts.

Yes whether you are bipolar or not the ole’brain, at times just does not shut up.

So here are some of my out loud thoughts for the last 2 week ‘sh.

  •  Wow George and Amel are expecting – twins.  ha ha ha do we all seriously believe that was never gunna happen.   OHHHH sigh!!! lets hope they are beautiful babies but then there is gunna be no shortage of hired help there.  What took you so long?

Queen Bee and hubby big ( or is that little) Jaz are, too, having a coupla more. Of course it was all over the news ( fake and real), Facebook, Instagram etc etc etc. OHH and of course there was the ‘look at me’at the Grammy’s pose. Sheesh !! are you 2 hard up for cash??? What ever happened to keeping it in the immediate family circle???

Anyway THE afore mentioned has me thinkin’I reckon there was a petrie dish helping both couples out. Cos if the Queen and hubby are having twins now how come they didn’t have them first time round??

  • Yikes! Donald is still finger pointing and doing that double barreled ók’ hand thing. What does it all mean??? is it a secret language? Has he made contact with the Auto bots?? Or is it the puppeteer pulling the strings got cramp?


  • Why am I longingly looking at the Pear and apple tree, in our yard; that are heavy with fruit? when I wish I could remotely make jams, pickles, and relishes.  Does this mean I hanker for the life of a step ford wife?   I know I can bake, cook up seriously great meals, plan parties but how is it I missed out on the Jam Gene?


  • Am I alone in thinking that my compassion button has ceased working? For as the eclipse continues and all the horror in the immediate world and all over has me just blankly staring at the newspaper or TV with no emotion.  Yet last night i saw a story on the four new lion cubs at our Werribee Zoo I smiled at their plain kid like behaviors.   And I, also, felt warm and fuzzy as I watched Tony Robinson tell me about Australia’s’ history of explorers.
  • I have decided that my ideal man would be:-( or have parts of) David Attenborough – he is so intelligent, gentlemanly, and just interesting to listen to on any of his favorite subjects.

Kevin McLeod ( Grand Designs fame) omg he is so knowledgeable, handsome, bit debonair and quirky all rolled in one.

Simon Reeve for his youthfulness and ability to make travel , to any far flung part of our world, really interesting.

Our Keith Urban, Troy Casser Daley, or Lee Kernaghan – for all those brilliant lyrics and story telling in music. That just make your heart ache to see the ‘real‘ Australia.

Any number of chefs – as so I could cook alongside of or just be fed.

  • And like all the rest of you Why can I not just post on a daily basis?   This answer I do have- I am still fearful that i am writing basic stuff that is not really that interesting.  Whilst a lot of blogs I follow seem to have found their purpose.
  • So Sorry for the slightly boring post but thats all i got…in among all the other thoughts and songs running through my brain.
  • Have a nice day tomorrow . 🙂

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