Random Thoughts – part 2

  • The discovery of 7 – YES SEVEN new planets, some 40 million light years from earth; has me wondering – How do those people ( scientists) know that?

I mean when they were at school, like the rest of us, how did they know they would end up doing those type of jobs?   How do they figure( LOL) figure get it- work out that theses planets / asteroids comets/shooting stars etc actually exist?

  • Can any of them cook toast? or make a bed? or just do ‘normal’every day stuff like I can?
  • Instead of a great big wall between Mexico and the USA could not Donald just build a canal? You Know like a Panama type one.  From say the gulf of Mexico through the border in Texas and New mexico to California.  It could employ heaps of people and there would be another way for cruise ships to get around the continent.
  • Why do Americans have so much cheese on majority of their foods?
  • And why do they eat off so much plastic plates, cups, etc?  On every cooking show I watch especially the ones based in diners and cafes ; all the food has at least one disposable product on it whether its a cup for chips or sauce or the actually plate. Have you not heard of recycling/ or proper china?
  • Its Paris / Milan fashion weeks.  Who in their right mind thinks any of that ‘fashion’is beautiful?   Please bring back Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Princes Diana.
  • why can i never get a haircut that i still like 3 days later?
  • How do I enter that ‘other’ parallel universe -you know the one- the one that all the politicians  keep referring to -that are struggling as”low income“families that have mortgages.  Or have superannuation, health insurance, life insurance etc.  OMG I can hardly make rent, put petrol in the car, let alone save- like I am constantly being told to do.  Or even think about a ‘REAL‘holiday. not the 2 day quick trip camping in the a national park.
  • And what is it with ‘REALITY TV‘when we all know it is heavily edited and that majority of the participants want their 5 minutes of fame and are shallow, vain and bit narcissistic with very polarizing interpretations of the basic codes of morality.  Yet I still keep watching The Bachelor, Married at First Sight, My Kitchen Rules, Millionaire Matchmaker, Real (LOL)Housewives of ……(lol) etc…..


cheers have a good one!


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