Autumn (fall) begins today

Yes Autumn is officially from today.

So more random musings to share with you.

  •  Today is my nephew Jordan’s’ 21 st birthday.  OMG is it 21 years since that day… I am very proud of him and what he is on track to achieve with his life.  He is in his finally year of an a apprenticeship to become a qualified plumber.  Who knew at school that he really did have ambition because at one( many) points through high school I really thought he would struggle with the bigger world. For he is a quiet kinda guy who does not drink or do drugs. Has had the obligatory minor car crash, of which he quickly learnt his lesson from, and eats my cooking.   So for all of that I am Grateful.
  • On Saturday it will be 3 years since my dad died.  And still he stands behind me when I need some sort of clarification.   The grief never goes away, yet I so admire all the things he taught all of us.  He would be so darn proud of his grand kids and what they have achieved; thus far.
  • I admire the people ( mainly people of Asian descent) who work in the nearby market gardens.   How do they manage to squat for such periods of time, picking assorted snow peas, beans, tomatoes, herbs, etc?  I have trouble kneeling down for 5 minutes before everything actually aches.
  • I, also, admire all the other people – rain, hail, shine (yes shine as in 30+ C days) who start work from anytime of the day to harvest the crops that we all consume.
  • I admire that some of these people have been through the most trying of life circumstances to get to Australia. And that they are so qualified in many areas of Intellect yet, through no fault of their own are banned from practicing what they really want to do.
  • I am,also, grateful for some of these people to allow me to listen to their stories. As so I can fully TRY to Understand the politics of their home lands and reasons WHY they chose Australia.
  • I am grateful and admire all of the men and women who chose to serve our country in the Armed forces,our police, ambulance / paramedics, nurses, doctors and fireys.  Where would we all be without you?  I thought I was patient but on a recent trip to the Emergency Department; what I witnessed there has me feeling quite well, thank you very much.   How they all handled those Drug affected people I truly do not know.


  • One thing I am currently NOT admiring Is the manure guy. Yes they have just been and spread a delicious mixture of dead chickens, blood and bone and phosphate on the market garden right outside my back door.  SHEESH !!! it is making me ill.


  • This weekend the International Airshow is on; not far from where I live.  I have so far enjoyed watching the passing parade of planes, jets, helicopters as they have flown overhead to the Avalon Airport.    Again wow! oh! wow! how do they designers of those things know how do to all of that?   Like yesterday the new Strike force jets flew overhead quite low.  If I was a plane nerd i would have really gone weak at the knees.  They are incredibly amazing. Not bad for $100 m buckaroos.
  • And the helicopter, man it could have picked my house up and deposited in the Bahamas, it was that big.  Yet strangely quieter than our Rescue ones.


  •  It is Autumn, yet, we are still having hot weather.  So all the beautiful changes in nature will be delayed this year.  I look forward to taking more photos for my other blog.

I admire all of you for your blogs, sage advice, recipes, musings, laughter, and general friendship that only this big bad/ good beautiful world of blogging has bought into my life.

All politics aside – we are all blessed to have something to write about.





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