via Daily Prompt: Nervous

“Äre you nervous?”asked the man

“Are you nervous ?”they countered, with small wry smile, that was now nervously twitching at the bottom lip.

“Sure you are not nervous?”they asked again.  This time with a bit more concern in their voice. Really what could go wrong. It had been planned for many months now, even years.  The sun was warm and, finally shining.  The trees had just started to turn those brusque autumn colors.  The air was coolish but not cold. People had begun to arrive. Car tyres made a crunching noise, s they slowly drove up the long winding drive and turned into the car park. The water refracted a rainbow of many shimmery, sparkling colors.  It bounced off the tree trunks. A lone cockatoo could be heard chatting away in the nearby forest.

Another couple walked toward them. Tall, strong, more confident in their stance.   Smiling pleasantly toward them; they too asked “Äre you nervous?”.  Ï would be, if I was in your shoes”.  The man boldly stated. But then it was not him about to do this.  He was just there to photograph the whole thing.

“ready?” she queried. Ï am if you are”they countered.

” ök then lets get on with it; only going to this once.” they quietly whispered to nobody at all.  Slowly they walked down the path, past the flowering gums and manicured hedges, watching their steps, not daring to look forward. As they stepped onto the deck a slight breeze blow her hair across her face.

Äre you sure you are not nervous?’ they asked for the final time.

“No yes no not really, ohh its all a bit stupid to be nervous now, isn’t it?

She took her hand out of theirs and slowly grasped for the outstretched one. It was warm, strong and very reassuring. “Its OK I won’t let you down, just follow me”he said in a  commanding, authoritative yet  soothing voice.   All the while her mind went blank and just focused on the amazing vista.  He held her tight and whispered in her ear “Are you ready to do this?

“ÿes no maybe. I am really nervous”she whispered back.

” It is OK you really are safe with me now”.

He kissed her gently on the side of the cheek. As the breeze tickled her face, she felt his arms grip her tightly, then she was falling, falling, falling at great speed.  Looking into his eyes she suddenly let out a huge scream of pure joy.   Then ‘bang’the rope snapped loudly echoing across the valley.  As they hung upside bouncing he asked äre you nervous now?’.












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