denial!! hmmm or is it ?

via Daily Prompt: Denial

Just one more piece of chocolate, she chided herself.   Seriously how could it really hurt?

Really it is Easter time and there was the one’s left over from Valentines.  Damn the calendar at this time of EVERY YEAR.

And, all that marketing, product placement, shiny, glittery, eye catching wrappers.  One more chocolate really could not hurt?  ” Just look at all the other people around you; their not in denial…..or are they?” Again the voice of reason reared its VERY BIG UGLY HEAD.

As her left hand reached forth for the next one, the dark voice suddenly sounded louder in her head.   “Remember the last time? hmmm .”  ” OK it was incredibly stupid of me she retaliated. BUT…its Easter.”

“Can I help you today?” came the voice, of the real reason why she was in that store for the 6th day running.   Nope, she was in denial just like majority of the world; at this time of year.  She was hooked on dark chocolate with almonds, coconut or anything that had Lindt on the wrapper.

It just happened that this one came with a hunky guy serving her also.    More denial, what chance did she have there when she was 140lbs, 5ft 5″, mousey brown hair and freckly face.

As she smiled shyly at him, “just these today…err thanks.”  Ohh well there is always the gym next week.



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