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The all conquering BEE GEES

On what has been a pretty ordinary week, work and health wise – yep have massively huge head cold. I switched the TV on to find.  OHHH YEAH a tribute special to the BEE GEES.

Best cure ever to illness and thoughts of quitting, said dull job, etc.  So far a terrific line up of artists.

I ask any of you to dispute that their music DOES NOT make you feel great.

Even a spontaneous bop around the lounge room / kitchen or where ever you may be when you hear their music.

Hip Hip Hooray to the brothers GIBB



via Daily Prompt: Yarn

Yarn – i love yarn.

The wool variety not the story telling kind

although it too can be inspiring, witty, interesting, long winded and plain boring.

OHH but yarn – the smell of  fine (or chunky) spun merino wool.

Actually alpaca, possum, and goats is so soft to touch too.

Then there is the silk and cotton varieties.

I love the feel of it all. Not the acrylic stuff. it looks cheap and has no sensuality about it.

Yarn is visceral, memory evoking, imaginative, and cheerful.

Yarn has so many wonderful shades, hues and colors that it is mind numbing hard to decide what or which one I want to choose next. Then there is the research for the right perfect project to match that yarn.

Yarn comes in all sorts of ply, lengths, hanks, balls, or spools.

Yarn is one of the best ever invented meditative tools.

Yarn is comfort, homey, days gone by.

Yarn is oh so wonderful its bees knees in my eyes.