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Like my star sign I am a typical Capricorn - tenacious, loyal, determined, honest, open minded, and dry sense of humour. I believe in astrology, intuition, spiritual matters and have a very healthy respect for all Buddhism. MY power number is 9. I was born at the end of a Dragon year. I am a very proud 5th generation Australian. I love to cook, read prolifically, write, and enjoy nature with all its wonderment. I love to cook especially for those who appreciate it. Like a great bottle of wine I am getting oh so much better with age. I have a natural curiosity and am constantly asking questions. I like to write and I wish I had become a librarian or researcher. Blogs help me get a "REAL FEEL" of what makes the world tick. Thank you every one for sharing.

Ahhh  !!!! –  Rural life in the city.



Yes, one can have a rural life in the city.

Well they can have one anywhere they please.

How do I know this?

I read the WEEKLY TIMES.

It is an institution. Full of all things rural, semi, urban and metropolitan living and issues affecting us all.

Who needs the politics and “fake news” when we can have our fill of interesting and ground breaking news through the reading of this marvelous newspaper.

Of course since its inception, in 1869 and 7611 issues later.

It is still going strong.

Originally for farmers in rural communities, it bought news of wool, wheat, sheep, cattle prices, sales and stories of the movers and shakers of the agricultural industry; and world at large.

Of course it has always had a political story or two.

But on reading back issues they are far more informative of who people were, what their policies were and how they could (or did) change the world.

A precise record of our history.  Whom needs Peter Fitzsimons books (sorry Pete) when you can read either a proper paper or e online version of “the truth and the real truth….” Of how we all did cope.

Through fire, flood, drought and hail, storm, rain, changing commodity prices, governments, wars, and every other issue that life throws at us.

Why Australia really does /has and will continue to ride on the proverbial ‘sheep’s back’.

This week, was catch up week. I had two back issues to peruse.

In them I read about:

  • the ongoing Murray Goulbourn dairy industry sale (debacle), will Saputo wont Saputo buy them??
  • how insurance companies were not paying out (properly) for stolen livestock,
  • where the rain fell, and how much.
  • What the farm outputs would mean in terms of GDP growth for Australia.
  • the cost of water (per gigalitre) in large regional cities and how this varies across Victoria to how it hits our HIP POCKET.
  • The ongoing wind and solar farm debate. It must be good, in some way, as it seems to be providing employment in rural communities; where needed.
  • The newly floated idea of changing electoral boundaries, to offset our spiraling semi-rural and urban fringe population explosion. What should we call these new areas?
  • Of course it is currently cotton season. So there is always a story or two on how this industry has evolved with best practices, minimal water and chemical usage.
  • In the COUNTRY SECTION there is excellent articles on people, food and books. In the most recent one there is a very interesting, not boring, article on DR Sally Norton who heads up the AUSTRALIAN GRAINS GENEBANK in the regional city of Horsham, Victoria.     
  • Peter Cundall – Australia’s’ living treasure writing about all things organics. or Facebook and Instagram.

So have a read. You may be pleasantly surprised on what you learn. And we are never too old to learn…….

OH yes the best bit for me, apart from the cooking page is: The Property Section.   All those grand houses, land, lifestyles for sale.  Man I wish I could buy them all.



What more can I say.  This man I deeply admired. I loved the show NO RESERVATIONS.

It allowed me to travel vicariously to countries I only saw in an atlas.

I watched his no nonsense charismatic self endear to locals everywhere; including us in Australia.

I feel so sad that a person like him, still had to take his own life.  WHY????

Like all of us touched by this scourge.

Especially; like others, he had a beautiful loving wife, daughter.

It is selfish disease.   Yet so young.

We , as a world of food lovers, armchair travelers and food snobs, will be a little less joyful .  For you are not walking among us.


PLEASE seek help, talk to anyone, just do not leave loved ones wondering why.

#beyondblue 1300 224 636  #crisisline #suicide #lifeline 13 11 14

#kidshelpline 1800 551 800 #mensline 1300 789 978



















Well well this very time honored institution is 90 years old in Victoria, Australia.

The conference this year was held at the beautifully restored Williamstown Town Hall .

#williamstown. #hobsonsbay

This institution is full of many women from all walks of life.

Every year we have guest speakers and this year , once again, there were 6 (six) who gave us all things to think about.

The conference is over 3 days with a church service on the first day, AGM 2nd day and new business for coming year on the third. On the Friday night there is a dinner, so we can all let our hair ( LOL whats left) down.

I have posted some photos from Friday and the rest are from one of our ‘FAMOUS HIGH TEAS” we hold twice a month at the beautiful headquarters – UMINA in Toorak.

Our most inspiring speaker was Mariah Harris – a lovely 20 year old girl who spoke on her life journey of being diagnosed with colitis.

The subsequent surgery, where her intestines crumbled like crumbs in the surgeons hands and now living with a colostomy bag.

It has not stopped here as she is now going to Chicago for student teacher exchange. BRAVO MARIAH.   5573

The next two inspiring speakers I will write about in the next blogs as I want to discuss them more deeply.



FRIENDS ….who are they really

Friend /s

This is a (tenuous) follow on from the previous blog. “I LIKE YOU…….DO YOU?

After re reading it I began to question the meaning of FRIEND/S.

Also – I was asked this, in my recent therapy session by the psychologist.

The actual question/s were:

Did you not have friends when you were younger?

 And what about now?

We all go through different phases of ‘friends’; I believe.

When we first start kindy / prep school, there is the never ending encouragement of “making” friends. God forbid if we are just quiet and want to play on our own and not with 30+ other personalities.

What if you are isolated by distance from other children? Such as my siblings and I were in earlier years.   Or even greater distances like children on large outback stations or ranches. Then sent away to boarding school at 8+ years old.  how does the formation of friends impact this?

There is the interaction of parents and family that shapes our “friendships”.  Some are because your parents (family members) are ‘friends with other families. And there is the expectation that you and little Johnny or jenny are just going to get along fine. ‘

And some people do become friends through this interaction and do so for a certain number of years.  Then we, all, begin to mature, move house, school, or church, sporting league etc.…Where we begin to cultivate or find new ‘friends’.

Once again, these ‘friends’ last as long as the life process allows it to be and a new cycle begins – marriage, divorce, work situations, birth of children, either your own or theirs.

Like swirls in a moving stream we move from one group of ‘friends’ to another.   Some stay for most of our lives.   I can think of an Aunt and Uncle who have another couple as their best friends.  It seems neither couple can do anything without the other.   This in a way is admirable BUT I think these types of friendships are more about their own ability to socialize.   Look at groups who go holidaying together every time.  Is this healthy? Or is it they are so complacent that they really do not reach out to other people who actually may want to be more than acquaintance’s with them.

Then there are your work colleagues. They are friends to a degree but at the office door is pretty much where that friendship starts and finishes on a day to day basis.

So back to the questions. I think I did have friends when I was younger but none of them lasted that long.   And as, for now, no not really.   As the true Capricorn that I am I find being on my own empowering because it allows me to come and go as I please without having to justify why I am doing XYZ.   I do like my work mates so Yes I do have friends; of sorts.



“I Like You”

It’s a simple three words, spoken by all of us; at one time or another.

But the real question is – which one is it?

Is it the one where people say it just to placate you?


Or (in a condescending tone of voice) state it a bit too loudly as so everyone around can hear ‘their’ justification of acknowledging you??


Is it the one that family and friends say because they don’t want to seem to be too sappy / sentimental/emotional. When they really mean that there is love in their thoughts and heart for you??


Of course the follow on one from this is said in a softer edged and sensual tone of voice. Indicating an underlying desire, for that person to want you to know that they do have, some sort of, emotional feelings for you.


There is the PROFESSIONAL “Ï Like You”.   This is the one we all get from our bosses / coworkers / department managers etc.  At times it is mainly non emotional and duly means that they like you as an employee but that’s as far as the relationship goes. And they recognize your contribution to making the organisation ‘look good.’ (sic)

SO when your own world – personal and professional – is a bit all over the place how do you interpret these 3 simple words? And do you take it at face value for the way it was verbalized? (at the time).

Or do you listen to it and mull over it for some time either then or later, wondering what bought on this declaration, from that person?

How does one decipher the intention of the words?

Do we seek advice from a friend / BFF / Bro’ or family trusted family member?  Even then do you go on online to see what the Social Media crowd have got to say about it? Unlike the other 3 little words these ones are definitely open for interpretation.


Now my question to the one who said this to me a few weeks back.  What I heard at the time was the “I (really do) like you”.  You said it in that quieter soft voice.  Since then I been waiting for you to do something about it.

Because, I know that “I really do like you”.

Every day I see you – I still smile. You make me feel happy and I really do want to know you and what makes you tick.

I am not sure how to make this thing between us move forward and there is something because I see you smile and the way your eyes have that sparkle and that slight awkwardness between us, at work.

I do care about your work /life balance. I like your professional ethics and management style.  Maybe I am wrong (deluded from too many books and movies LOL).   So maybe /was I wrong and misinterpreted the “I Like You”

It must have been the professional courtesy one; all along.

The all conquering BEE GEES

On what has been a pretty ordinary week, work and health wise – yep have massively huge head cold. I switched the TV on to find.  OHHH YEAH a tribute special to the BEE GEES.

Best cure ever to illness and thoughts of quitting, said dull job, etc.  So far a terrific line up of artists.

I ask any of you to dispute that their music DOES NOT make you feel great.

Even a spontaneous bop around the lounge room / kitchen or where ever you may be when you hear their music.

Hip Hip Hooray to the brothers GIBB