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Easter is over and i have a tummy ache.


Once again, it has been far too long between ‘drinks’ oops I mean blog posts.

Although- come to think about it – it has been a long while since I had a nice glass of vino.

There has been so much going on in the world I have had a bit of writers block.  Where do I start? What should I really comment on? etc etc. yes it has happened to all of us.  How do I know that – wellllllllll !!!!  there are numerous other blogs that post about this particular topic. Even the Daily Post  and The Community Pool had some tips, recently.

I have had plenty of laughs over at The Return Of The Modern Philosophers blog.    Man can Austin pull some type of witty repartee outta the bag, even when he is dog tired from the day job, and its current all about Mr Trump.

Colleen Cheesboro has had me fantasying about all things Fairies, the bottom of the garden and some great links to those helpful sites  -for writers block.

Whilst the contributors to the site called The Seeds for Life have been my de facto cheer squad. Just to get me out of bed and tame / tie up /wrangle the black dog that resides at my house.

As for all of you Thanks.  I hope you all had a very nice Easter.TN_pic073b

Here’s some more candy; just in case you have not had enough.

At the big chain supermarket, where I work, it was frenetic to say the least from as soon as school got out for holidays the week before up till today.

Seriously folks it’s only ONE WHOLE DAY that we are totally shut.  But you spent $$$$$$ like it really was growing on (sustainable regrowth) forest of trees.  That was OK, as far as our management were concerned. It made us look fantastic for the all important bottom line.   As for my team of replenishment experts I was incredibly proud of the way you ( us) all pulled together and got those never ending pallets – split, sorted and onto the shelves as quickly as possible.

The Customer Service team – again you rocked because even though SOME customers thought you were fair game for all their woes, moaning and bad moods ( because Aunty r and Uncle P with their 4 precious kids had dropped in unannounced) you stood tall ( and proud) SMILED and ensured everyone of them it truly was a wonderful day to be alive.

As for those of you WHO THOUGHT THEY COULD SHOPLIFT, just a few extra Easter Treats; well sorry but we really were on to you as soon as you skulked into our stores.  Yes even the paying customers dobbed you in.  So HA!!

OK it did not quite have a 100% strike rate there but it was a lot less than the company anticipated.    Folks  here’s a friendly tip: majority of us are casually employed and Yes it is as hard for us to make ends meet but that does not mean we stoop to your level.  You only make it hard for every one else.   So please stop trying unless you really do ‘want your day in court’.

Now one more extra special thanks:  “Lightning”: I know you are reading this and I know you are still safe. (Thank you Big Guy upstairs.. I feel blessed to know this fact. My own Easter miracle).

I truly loved the BIG bunch of flowers you left at the customer service desk for me..

I only wish you had waited just long enough for me to see you.  They made me cry. Of which I really did not want me peers see me do…. See! they all think I have no heart and I am this emotionless person who they adore as their Team Leader.  So damn you in the nicest possible way.

I still have some of them left sitting in that beautiful hand crafted vase you gave me all those years ago.  So do not forget your mum for Mothers Day.

I hope all of you had a great Easter.   Cheers.5573


yo yo it’s my birthday

images (3)

Yes today is my uh umm err 52nd birthday.. SShhhh!!

Don’t tell anyone, cos most folks think I am only 40’sh.  Although a very much younger workmate thinks i am 27..and thats old….according to him..  he he he love the boy for that thought.

Anyway i started my day catching up on the blogs I follow. Just seeing whats happening in the Northern hemisphere.

It began as a mild day of 21C slowly building to a slightly muggy 29C.

So after much indecision, on my part for a change, I decided to go to a restaurant / cafe near where my sister lives called OAKDENE.  It is set in a vineyard -so lotsa of their yummy wines, with eclectic art works/ sculputures scattered around the main buildings and paddock. It has a informal cafe called MR GRUBB ( named after the road it is situated on and a VERY Formal restaurant. ( save that for someone special).

I ate a yummy crab, fennel and pea gnocchi in a light cream sauce.  Sis ate what looked like 3 very yummy tacos on a flat tortilla and was not covered in cheeese. Whilst my niece had a well sized ( not too big not too small) porterhouse steak and beer battered chips. The beer was a pale ale from the nearby Flying Brick Cider Brewery joint.

Instead of birthday cake I had churros with vanilla icecream , made on premises and damn yeah they were deliciousshhhh.

So 3 hours later went left. I took myself dress shopping for my nephews upcoming engagement party.   Yes i have actually re discovered the joys of shopping; although still got in and out pretty quick.

Got bk home quick change and took myself to dinner in nearby Williamstown. It is a trendyish suburb by the bay in Melbourne. Spent ages reading all types of menus before deciding on Vietnamese.

Got a window table and started watching people on this fine warm night.  I love to watch people walking by or eating, am always asking what other tables are eating.   It is fun.   But I did begin to reflect upon birthdays past.  Again I ended up spending a good portion of today on my own.

This time I did not feel so sad or is it just a fact i have got used to it??

Like Many i often wonder if the ‘party all day thing, lots of pressies, etc’is a marketing fantasy and most of us have – shall we say- an ordinary day?

Anyway back to the people walking past , suddenly my gut did a huge flip flop. No way could my day really be getting better?   There across the road in the park near a huge Moreton Bay fig  stood a very familiar man.  I actually put my glasses back on and looked again. Oops where did he go?  My intuition really kicked in.   There he was pulling a phone out of his pocket and pushing buttons or what ever the right terminology is here.   Who was he calling???Meanwhile i heard my phone ringing faintly in my handbag.

Scrambling for it. I saw missed call “Private number”no message..  damn who was that?   my mind wanted to believe my gut but I really did not allow it. Suddenly the phone rang again. This time i got to answer it, whilst watching the man across the street.

“hello beautiful happy birthday”came down the line and i nearly burst into tears. My boy lightning was calling. Only i said ‘Damn you look ok considering what you been up to..” the man across the street looked around surprised..” Are you near?”came the query  “Yes in the Vietnamese cafe”…  He turned and looked fully at me and that big sexy smile broke across his face. Damn I was so glad to see he was still alive and well safe ( hopefully).  he came and helped me finish my rice paper rolls and bowl of beef Pho..  the quickest and deepest meaningful chat happened before his phone rang again.

A normal police car rolled past slowly and with a quick kiss he joined that vivacious woman in the bright red dress and her paunchy partner, wearing t shirt and jeans sitting on a table on the footpath nearby.

They were working.  So I really did have a brilliant birthday after all. The one man who gives me the BEST Chills down the spine and every where else was there; even if it was 30 minutes. And yes he was nicknamed Lightning because the first time we met there was a bolt of lightning between us and his workmates saw it, felt it and laughed about it ever since.


FOOD Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food ..etc etc so sang the actor who played Oliver Twist. And OMG have you not got some amazing food in the Northern Hemisphere.

Hey don’t get me wrong . We got terrific food here in Australia also. Just that I have been binge watching our Food Network.

And no matter how many times i Watch Guy Fieri in ‘Diners, Drive ins and Dives’, The Barefoot Contessa (Ina), The lovely Giaada ( in absolutely every show), Booby Flay, Anthony Bourdain, Alan Richman ( especially those gigantic meal shows he does), or even Cutthroat kitchen.  Then there is Valerie Bertinelli on the Kids Baking Championships – go you chefs of tomorrow, Iron Chef ( although its a bit dated), The one’s similar to what we have here like ‘My restaurant rules, etc”.  Then there is Saul and his cousin on ‘Pizza Masters’, The hunky Robert Irvine on ‘Restaurant Impossible’, Our Kerry on “Save My Bakery’, and of course our Curtis Stone.

I am in awe of the array of shows you have. Oopps!!! gotta stop to wipe the dribble off my chin.

And I also understand why you have an obesity problem there. Again OMG how huge are your serves??, the amount of cheese on most things and yet in all those BBQ shows they use enough cajun spices, peppers, cinnamon, etc to clean anyones intestinal system out, its undone with the huge portions.

But i want to know: Have these shows made more people go out there and cook??

I know you all love big kitchens – I watch ‘Masters of Flip’, Selling LA, New York etc’, and all the other reno shows.

And has there been an increase or awareness in where your food comes from? is produce and manufactured?

So give me more Food Glorious Food.  What could be any better to watch on a lazy sunday afternoon??