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“Äre you nervous?”asked the man

“Are you nervous ?”they countered, with small wry smile, that was now nervously twitching at the bottom lip.

“Sure you are not nervous?”they asked again.  This time with a bit more concern in their voice. Really what could go wrong. It had been planned for many months now, even years.  The sun was warm and, finally shining.  The trees had just started to turn those brusque autumn colors.  The air was coolish but not cold. People had begun to arrive. Car tyres made a crunching noise, s they slowly drove up the long winding drive and turned into the car park. The water refracted a rainbow of many shimmery, sparkling colors.  It bounced off the tree trunks. A lone cockatoo could be heard chatting away in the nearby forest.

Another couple walked toward them. Tall, strong, more confident in their stance.   Smiling pleasantly toward them; they too asked “Äre you nervous?”.  Ï would be, if I was in your shoes”.  The man boldly stated. But then it was not him about to do this.  He was just there to photograph the whole thing.

“ready?” she queried. Ï am if you are”they countered.

” ök then lets get on with it; only going to this once.” they quietly whispered to nobody at all.  Slowly they walked down the path, past the flowering gums and manicured hedges, watching their steps, not daring to look forward. As they stepped onto the deck a slight breeze blow her hair across her face.

Äre you sure you are not nervous?’ they asked for the final time.

“No yes no not really, ohh its all a bit stupid to be nervous now, isn’t it?

She took her hand out of theirs and slowly grasped for the outstretched one. It was warm, strong and very reassuring. “Its OK I won’t let you down, just follow me”he said in a  commanding, authoritative yet  soothing voice.   All the while her mind went blank and just focused on the amazing vista.  He held her tight and whispered in her ear “Are you ready to do this?

“ÿes no maybe. I am really nervous”she whispered back.

” It is OK you really are safe with me now”.

He kissed her gently on the side of the cheek. As the breeze tickled her face, she felt his arms grip her tightly, then she was falling, falling, falling at great speed.  Looking into his eyes she suddenly let out a huge scream of pure joy.   Then ‘bang’the rope snapped loudly echoing across the valley.  As they hung upside bouncing he asked äre you nervous now?’.












Happy Coincidences……

On another blog I write : Valencia Princess is living outside the hexagon.

I posted many pictures about my trip 2 and half years ago to Outback Queensland.  With the 3rd anniversary of my fathers passing, being yesterday, I found myself re reading these posts.   I still get warm and fuzzy feelings whenever I read or see news worthy stories of this area.  Maybe in a past life I actually lived there.

Anyway on Landline today, a fantastic show on the ABC every Sunday about life on the land.  LO and behold there were two stories in one about 2 amazingly terrific people who live there.

Both are prime examples of the resilience and toughness of our rural women.

So I would like you to follow the links to their stories of how they both thought outside the square and became buddy entrepreneurs.

The first woman is Julie Brown from near Ilfracombe, which is situated apx half way between Longreach and Blackall, with her business called Coola Cozzies.

And The other is Joy Mc Clymont from a little further south west of Julie. Her business is Off the track Training.

They are both on Facebook, twitter and Instagram for those of you who utilise these platforms.  So please check them out.

I just want to say “You go girls”because I do know of how hard of life you both have and to be so positive in times of drought makes you both exceptional women. Adding to the already LONG LINE of exceptional men and women who founded our great country.

I wish you both the best of luck with your online businesses. And I definitely will be coming back to your neck of the woods soon.



Today is three years since my dad passed away.

It was  quick agonising death that only took four days. Metastatic Melanoma.

Today I went to the International Airshow at Avalon, because he loved planes, trains, and trucks etc. I thought it would be appropriate to take his spirit there since he never got a chance to go see such a spectacular event.    It was loud, from all the jets and helicopters and PA system, busy with easily 20,000 people doing much the same.  And mindbogglingly fascinating.   I still miss him and wish he was here to share my blogs.

I miss writing letters to him and making his favorite fruitcake with toasted almond slivers on top; and the endless chats over strong black tea with 2 sugars.

i miss cooking him simple hearty meals and the way he would always be interested in what the kids where up to.

I miss everything there is to be said about him.  I still miss my father – Robert “bob”Charles Swain born in Preston, Victoria and passed away, unfortunately in the Andrew Love Cancer Centre Geelong .

So here are some photos of my dad from the earlier years. Damn he was a good looking bloke.

Autumn (fall) begins today

Yes Autumn is officially from today.

So more random musings to share with you.

  •  Today is my nephew Jordan’s’ 21 st birthday.  OMG is it 21 years since that day… I am very proud of him and what he is on track to achieve with his life.  He is in his finally year of an a apprenticeship to become a qualified plumber.  Who knew at school that he really did have ambition because at one( many) points through high school I really thought he would struggle with the bigger world. For he is a quiet kinda guy who does not drink or do drugs. Has had the obligatory minor car crash, of which he quickly learnt his lesson from, and eats my cooking.   So for all of that I am Grateful.
  • On Saturday it will be 3 years since my dad died.  And still he stands behind me when I need some sort of clarification.   The grief never goes away, yet I so admire all the things he taught all of us.  He would be so darn proud of his grand kids and what they have achieved; thus far.
  • I admire the people ( mainly people of Asian descent) who work in the nearby market gardens.   How do they manage to squat for such periods of time, picking assorted snow peas, beans, tomatoes, herbs, etc?  I have trouble kneeling down for 5 minutes before everything actually aches.
  • I, also, admire all the other people – rain, hail, shine (yes shine as in 30+ C days) who start work from anytime of the day to harvest the crops that we all consume.
  • I admire that some of these people have been through the most trying of life circumstances to get to Australia. And that they are so qualified in many areas of Intellect yet, through no fault of their own are banned from practicing what they really want to do.
  • I am,also, grateful for some of these people to allow me to listen to their stories. As so I can fully TRY to Understand the politics of their home lands and reasons WHY they chose Australia.
  • I am grateful and admire all of the men and women who chose to serve our country in the Armed forces,our police, ambulance / paramedics, nurses, doctors and fireys.  Where would we all be without you?  I thought I was patient but on a recent trip to the Emergency Department; what I witnessed there has me feeling quite well, thank you very much.   How they all handled those Drug affected people I truly do not know.


  • One thing I am currently NOT admiring Is the manure guy. Yes they have just been and spread a delicious mixture of dead chickens, blood and bone and phosphate on the market garden right outside my back door.  SHEESH !!! it is making me ill.


  • This weekend the International Airshow is on; not far from where I live.  I have so far enjoyed watching the passing parade of planes, jets, helicopters as they have flown overhead to the Avalon Airport.    Again wow! oh! wow! how do they designers of those things know how do to all of that?   Like yesterday the new Strike force jets flew overhead quite low.  If I was a plane nerd i would have really gone weak at the knees.  They are incredibly amazing. Not bad for $100 m buckaroos.
  • And the helicopter, man it could have picked my house up and deposited in the Bahamas, it was that big.  Yet strangely quieter than our Rescue ones.


  •  It is Autumn, yet, we are still having hot weather.  So all the beautiful changes in nature will be delayed this year.  I look forward to taking more photos for my other blog.

I admire all of you for your blogs, sage advice, recipes, musings, laughter, and general friendship that only this big bad/ good beautiful world of blogging has bought into my life.

All politics aside – we are all blessed to have something to write about.




Random Thoughts – part 2

  • The discovery of 7 – YES SEVEN new planets, some 40 million light years from earth; has me wondering – How do those people ( scientists) know that?

I mean when they were at school, like the rest of us, how did they know they would end up doing those type of jobs?   How do they figure( LOL) figure get it- work out that theses planets / asteroids comets/shooting stars etc actually exist?

  • Can any of them cook toast? or make a bed? or just do ‘normal’every day stuff like I can?
  • Instead of a great big wall between Mexico and the USA could not Donald just build a canal? You Know like a Panama type one.  From say the gulf of Mexico through the border in Texas and New mexico to California.  It could employ heaps of people and there would be another way for cruise ships to get around the continent.
  • Why do Americans have so much cheese on majority of their foods?
  • And why do they eat off so much plastic plates, cups, etc?  On every cooking show I watch especially the ones based in diners and cafes ; all the food has at least one disposable product on it whether its a cup for chips or sauce or the actually plate. Have you not heard of recycling/ or proper china?
  • Its Paris / Milan fashion weeks.  Who in their right mind thinks any of that ‘fashion’is beautiful?   Please bring back Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Princes Diana.
  • why can i never get a haircut that i still like 3 days later?
  • How do I enter that ‘other’ parallel universe -you know the one- the one that all the politicians  keep referring to -that are struggling as”low income“families that have mortgages.  Or have superannuation, health insurance, life insurance etc.  OMG I can hardly make rent, put petrol in the car, let alone save- like I am constantly being told to do.  Or even think about a ‘REAL‘holiday. not the 2 day quick trip camping in the a national park.
  • And what is it with ‘REALITY TV‘when we all know it is heavily edited and that majority of the participants want their 5 minutes of fame and are shallow, vain and bit narcissistic with very polarizing interpretations of the basic codes of morality.  Yet I still keep watching The Bachelor, Married at First Sight, My Kitchen Rules, Millionaire Matchmaker, Real (LOL)Housewives of ……(lol) etc…..


cheers have a good one!

Random Thoughts -part 2


In an earlier post I rambled on , in written form of some of my thoughts.

Yes whether you are bipolar or not the ole’brain, at times just does not shut up.

So here are some of my out loud thoughts for the last 2 week ‘sh.

  •  Wow George and Amel are expecting – twins.  ha ha ha do we all seriously believe that was never gunna happen.   OHHHH sigh!!! lets hope they are beautiful babies but then there is gunna be no shortage of hired help there.  What took you so long?

Queen Bee and hubby big ( or is that little) Jaz are, too, having a coupla more. Of course it was all over the news ( fake and real), Facebook, Instagram etc etc etc. OHH and of course there was the ‘look at me’at the Grammy’s pose. Sheesh !! are you 2 hard up for cash??? What ever happened to keeping it in the immediate family circle???

Anyway THE afore mentioned has me thinkin’I reckon there was a petrie dish helping both couples out. Cos if the Queen and hubby are having twins now how come they didn’t have them first time round??

  • Yikes! Donald is still finger pointing and doing that double barreled ók’ hand thing. What does it all mean??? is it a secret language? Has he made contact with the Auto bots?? Or is it the puppeteer pulling the strings got cramp?


  • Why am I longingly looking at the Pear and apple tree, in our yard; that are heavy with fruit? when I wish I could remotely make jams, pickles, and relishes.  Does this mean I hanker for the life of a step ford wife?   I know I can bake, cook up seriously great meals, plan parties but how is it I missed out on the Jam Gene?


  • Am I alone in thinking that my compassion button has ceased working? For as the eclipse continues and all the horror in the immediate world and all over has me just blankly staring at the newspaper or TV with no emotion.  Yet last night i saw a story on the four new lion cubs at our Werribee Zoo I smiled at their plain kid like behaviors.   And I, also, felt warm and fuzzy as I watched Tony Robinson tell me about Australia’s’ history of explorers.
  • I have decided that my ideal man would be:-( or have parts of) David Attenborough – he is so intelligent, gentlemanly, and just interesting to listen to on any of his favorite subjects.

Kevin McLeod ( Grand Designs fame) omg he is so knowledgeable, handsome, bit debonair and quirky all rolled in one.

Simon Reeve for his youthfulness and ability to make travel , to any far flung part of our world, really interesting.

Our Keith Urban, Troy Casser Daley, or Lee Kernaghan – for all those brilliant lyrics and story telling in music. That just make your heart ache to see the ‘real‘ Australia.

Any number of chefs – as so I could cook alongside of or just be fed.

  • And like all the rest of you Why can I not just post on a daily basis?   This answer I do have- I am still fearful that i am writing basic stuff that is not really that interesting.  Whilst a lot of blogs I follow seem to have found their purpose.
  • So Sorry for the slightly boring post but thats all i got…in among all the other thoughts and songs running through my brain.
  • Have a nice day tomorrow . 🙂

Twas’the night before Valentines

Yes sirree!!! it is the night b4 Valentines and well I am still a bit cynical.

I have tried to cheer up by reading lots of other blogs on the subject.  All I read is how there is heaps of us out there just wanting “the Cinderella”version of the day to happen. Just once.

Since the last post we have definitely had a continuation of the past themes.

BUT with a difference. I, personally, reckon it had something to do with the moon eclipse.

As the world began to dislike POTUS again, we had our Prime Minister.

Yes – Mr Turnball – blue blood, business man,  wearer of very nice tailored suits with ‘that’ harbourside mansion turned to the dark side.

Here he was in Parliament, of all places, suddenly getting down and dirty like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Absolutely giving it to the leader of the opposition. OMG it was so funny to see and hear him sling mud and slander and all things in BTW at the opposition .

No he said she said stuff just plain old you are scum came out of his mouth and boy did most of us google that up a million times, or you tubed it, or even better it started the news at 6pm.   All us ordinary folk suddenly wondered where the other Malcolm had gone to but hey it was damn funny and great to witness.

Then there was the story about how most vitamins are just plain useless and you have all been conned. OMG well done and take a bow you clever marketing people over all those years. You def. earned your bonuses.

Our weather went totally crazy here and in the Northern hemisphere, with snow snow snow and more snow falling all over the USA, huge dams overflowing people being evacuated and yet down under we had SUMMER with a vengeance. The evil Sirocco wind bought 40+ c days; for a whole week; or more in some parts. Then the cyclone turned tropical rain storm in WA bought flooding and damage. Only a week before they were fighting bush fires.  On the weekend the sirocco wind blasted NSW and QLD with devastating bush fires; still burning . The current one is 200km front on it and created its own thunderstorm and lightning. Of which there are spectacular pictures on google.

And tonight our local community goes in to FIGHT mode as the proposed juvenile prison protests begin.  Poor Werribee never seen so many people in its main street ever.

On a more personal level I have decided that my job is boring and I will be leaving real soon.  There is no point in wasting precious energy on that one. ( thank you Eddie Two Hawks and Seeds of Life  for the push)

I spent a nice 2 hours reconciling my past valentines and where I may be going wrong.

But like my favorite blogger The Return of the Modern Philosopher says for all of us hopeless romantics there is always hope.

I wish all of you a happy valentines day. It does not have to be full of flowers and chocolate ( although chocolate is great) or dinners or carriage rides etc. As long as you look at yourself in the mirror and say “Hey your not bad, I like you”.